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I know why you're here, and I can help.

"There is no way my market is going to pay $150 to $200 per head.  There is NO WAY!"  That's exactly what a client told me during our first phone call.  I told him he was right, and that the servcies he offered weren't worth that fee.  What Jake didn't know, is that he was standing in his own way.  What I knew is that because of the following and more, Jake would never get any further:


  • He was constantly wondering which BDR to use.

  • He was constantly wondering which RMM tool to use.

  • He was using Connectwise for nothing more than a glorified email response system.

  • He was constantly posting in forums hoping to find THE av package that would stop all the viruses.

  • His presentation, pricing, deliverables, onboaring process, and nearly everything else were abhorrent. 


1 vision statement, 5 core values, 6 months, and a lot of work later, he sold 3, 3 year msp deals, at $150 per user, in one month. 


If you've read this far, know you're in the same boat, and are ready to put the work in, then hit tellMEmore at the bottom of the page.

Jake Myers

"Jason's direction, motivation, and willingness to keep me focused were instrumental to my business increasing our revenue by over 68% in 18 months."

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