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What We Do

We're going to become friends - period.  We will start with a phone call, where I'll ask some questions, and find out if you're truly ready to tear your business apart, and make everlasting change.  If I hear the right words, and the right tone in your voice, then we're going to systematically  and fundamentally change your business. 


We are going to create processes for everything.  I am going to teach you how to sell at pricing you never thought possible, and why your prospects are going to never object to this pricing.  I'm going to explain to you how to transition this model for your cloud prospects, and continue to keep the same margins/profits rolling in.  You are going to learn how to manage everything via automation.  You are going to learn how to market to prospects in ways that will keep you lightly knocking on the door, with zero or very little effort on your end.  You're going to #Succeed and I'm going to be sitting shotgun with you.

Build your MSP like a real MSP

This is what you're going to use for a BDR.  This is what you're going to use for a PSA.  This is how often you're going to clean temp files via agent.  This is how you're going to measure client bandwidth usage.  These are the reports you're going to send and when you're going to send them.


It will be THAT granular.

Sell Sell Sell

This is where to get your lists.  These are the email templates you need to use.  This is how to build a track and assign a prospect to it.  This is what to say when the prospect asks that question.  Here's our presentation slides, just fill your prospects info in.


It will be THAT defined.

  • Weekly phone calls

  • Goal setting

  • Constant analysis of progress

  • "Did you do what you were supposed to do?"

  • "Did you follow the steps I sent you?"

  • #stopGuessing

  • #Succeed

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